Danielle Reinke Scholarship

This scholarship was set up in love and honor of Danielle Nicole Reinke by her family. Since 2010, a $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior of Heritage Hills High School in loving honor of Danielle and her passion for Heritage Hills academics and athletics.

  • 2011 Recipient(s): Megan Byers
  • 2012 Recipient(s): Heidi Greulich
  • 2013 Recipient(s): Megan Ficker and Cadie DellaMorta
  • 2014 Recipient(s): Allyson Waninger, Gina Wahl, Olivia Morris, Bailey Pierson and Cora Lopez
  • 2015 Recipient(s): Greer Neff, Madison Gogel and Mariah Burdin
  • 2016 Recipient(s): Delaney Merder and Seth Bolin
  • 2017 Recipients(s): Kayley Bauer and Brittany Tempel
  • 2018 Recipients(s): Meagan Kralj and Kennedy Helms

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